the first GPS running app with live & visual competition

  • Explore new ways of staying fit
  • Replace loneliness and boredom with live competition
  • Lose weight through gaming
  • Add a new type of FUN to your daily routines


No more “after-processing” of the running routes. Compete virtually face to face with other users or CPUs registering this process live and in replay mode.


Choose your favourite distance, i.e. 400 m, 800 m, 1,500 m, 3,000 m or 5,000 m.


Run in the real world using GPS functionality; your avatar will move at the same speed as you are.

individual run, single run, tournament

Choose the way you want to enjoy your running, be it an individual run, a single competition with other users or CPUs, or a tournament

progress registration

All your records are stored in the database; you may monitor them during your personal progress or compare with the results of other people


No more “red dot in the map” – personalise your avatar the way you want with a stylish haircut, a tracksuit, tattoos, nationality and many other features