How to play?

Hello and welcome to the instructions on how to use Live Running Simulator

GPS trackingGPS. First of all, Live Running Simulator is a “GPS running app” that uses GPS functionality to determine your avatar’s running speed and location in the running track. Your avatar in the game is moving at the same speed as you are in real life, the same applies to the competing avatars of other users. Sometimes in GPS unfriendly environment it takes some time for the avatar to initiate running after the start signal. In such situations we suggest users to take the first running steps as soon as they hear "Ready" in their headphones

competition with other users and facebook friendsLive Competition. Live Running Simulator is a GPS running app that focuses on Live competition. “Live competition” means that you as a user may compete with CPU, other users, or even your Facebook friends, from around the world at the same time. In order to do so, please choose “single run vs users” and then choose either “Single run vs FB friends” to compete with your Facebook friends, who have also installed Live Running Simulator on their phone, or “Single run vs other users” to compete against other random users. Your competitors will be those who enter your competition room within the same 30 second window. Therefore, in case of Facebook friends, we suggest you contact them and arrange the time for competition in advance. Race against CPU opponents can be launched instantly.


We suggest you use the app in an area with good GPS and internet signal for better experience. In case either signal is lost for more than 40 seconds, you may get disqualified.

In the Android version of the app, you may do other stuff on the phone while running – the running data is collected in the background. Because of differences in specifics of operating systems, in iOS version the maximum time for the app running in the background we have set to 40 seconds.

running results tableResults tracking. When you compete with other users (not CPU), after you have finished, you may choose either to stay in the game or leave it and look at the results once all the competitors have finished the race. For this we elaborated 2 icons inside the button in the bottom left corner of the main menu – the clock icon indicates that your last race is still in progress, the flag icon indicates that you may look at the final results.

prepare for run


Audio updates. The app lets you know about change of position by announcing your current position in case it has changed. The crowd also lets you know about the approaching opponents either in front or behind you. If you are approaching someone in front of you, the crowd noise will increase accordingly, and if you are approached from behind, then the crowd noise will also increase, plus you will hear the sound of running steps. Because of lot of changes in position occur at the beginning of the race, the position audio updates can be heard starting from 300 meters inside the race and opponent approaching audio updates can be heard starting from 1200 meters inside the race.